"We deliver an integrated performance coaching service that maximizes our clients' athletic journey so they can reach their innate potential."


"highly driven, motivated, goal oriented"


Train with us in-person or remotely. Work one-on-one with a coach to receive a personalized training program that includes physiology, movement, performance, nutrition and more to achieving your performance goals.


Not sure if you are ready to commit and want to talk things over to get a professional perspective on your fitness and sports goals? MTN LAB offers FREE one-on-one 60min consultations to provide direction and education based on health, fitness, and performance.


We provide private consulting services to organizations, teams, groups of individuals and coaches who have questions or are looking for a fresh perspective.

You folks are such a necessary addition to our community and to my personal healing.

Robin, you are so genuine and personable, on top of clearly professional and knowledgeable

As I am not trying to become a pro athlete, just get back into good shape physically/mentally, I felt that Nick listened to me and has set up a program for me that is addressing those goals.

Nice environment. I love the space. Open but not too big. Plenty of room to work out... Training is part mental and MTN LAB has created a special place.

MTN Lab has created a unique local vibe; a place to work hard and be inspired by the coaches and the example of other athletes.

Coach Lyons is an amazing coach. Her knowledge, insight, and guidance will exceed your expectations. If you want to transform your life and perform at your peak, this is the place to be!

MTN Lab and my coach Lacey have been a great motivational piece in my quest for getting back in to shape. It has been many years since I stepped foot in a gym and coach Lacey has made this process easy for me with her support and direction.