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COVID-19 Response: We are continuing to offer client centered coaching remotely.

We believe it’s essential to continue evolving and adapting in an ever-changing environment. During these difficult times and gym closures our priority is the health and well-being of our clients. Check out our current specials and programs that can get you set up & started with your personal coach today!

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Our Mission

To continue supporting and guiding individuals towards health, wellbeing and fitness through intentional practices. We want to help bring more consciousness around why you do and how to engage optimally in your daily routines. We believe it’s essential to continue evolving and growing in an ever-changing environment.  We look forward to sharing some virtual time with you!

The Conscious Coaching Collective is designed to provide YOU more education, coaching support and feedback that you can use to enhance your daily activities and life!

Movement Prep

When: 8:00am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Coaches: Lyons & Lacey

Yoga, Breath Work & Mindfulness

When: 7:00pm on Tuesday & Thursday
Instructor: Bria

"MTN LAB Coaches listen to the client first, evaluate ability second and then prescribe a program. Robin has been very mindful of making sure I do things that help my cycling and NOT injure me. Personally, I have been able to get rid of my body nags (injuries) and imbalances ultimately making me feel more balanced and structurally stronger with better posture when I am on the bike."

– JP, Endurance Athlete

Ultra Endurance Gravel Bike

No Gear Remote Programs

Whether you’re a seasonal competitive athlete or just need a jump start, this program will allow you to train when you want, where you want, and still get the proven results MTN LAB training is known for.

MTN LAB believes fitness programs are most effective when the individual human factors are considered in the overall progression of the training plan. An organized fitness progression includes the following components; frequency, duration, volume, intensity and exercise selection. The human factor also influences the above training components relative to training age, biological age, stress management, time, and nutrition.