There is no doubt that fitness is a supporting mechanism to sport participation and an active lifestyle. Depending on which one you pursue; Sport vs Life is determined by the individual’s motive(s).  The biggest factor for folks to understand is that there is a difference between training for sport and training for life.  A vital element I uncover with individuals I work with is first understanding “why” they do what they do and what is aligned currently in their life to supporting that purpose.

Typically, a lack of fulfillment in sport or fitness is often a result of not having clarity around why you are participating in what you do and/or setting unrealistic goals and expectations.

If you are training to participate in SPORT, then the most important tenet in your yearly training plan is specificity. To train properly for the sport you desire to participate in, your training must be SPECIFIC to that you are preparing for (meaning ALL fitness training must be relevant to what you are actually preparing for).  Other considerations include asking yourself what is the baseline of fitness required for me to patriciate?  How much time can I commit to per week? Does my lifestyle support proper rest and recovery between training sessions? At the end of the day we can all sign up for a marathon but it doesn’t mean we should…. And what type of experiences do you really want in sport? If you are training for performance, actually wanting to compete, then that requires a clear direction, focused lifestyle and consistency within the process.

For those who fitness for LIFE the same questions apply with a twist.  What is the goal for the long game? How does your fitness program support you showing up EVERYDAY for the rest of your life in good health and function? This is where most folks get lost… they lose awareness around their own energy requirements and learn how to survive the day.  Fitness for Life is about “balance” and consistency” relative to what you value as a human.  I typically break it down to 3 things for most of my clients.  What are 3 things you VALUE as a person? What lights you up and is a part of who you are?  For Example, it could be; Family, Career, Skiing. Identifying 3 things starts with bringing clarity to what is important and what isn’t.

Too often individuals get caught in the static that isn’t contributing to their fulfillment as a human.  So where does fitness come in? Well if you value family, career and skiing FITNESS is the medium to enhancing your capacity to “crush” (in a good way) what you love!  With that in mind your fitness plan should meet you where you’re at and evolve and adjust as you do in life and within the parts that fulfill you most.  When I work with individuals who fitness for life it is all about the long game, extending their capacity, function and wellbeing by providing support and challenge though individual fitness prescriptions. 

Coach Lyons

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