What should I eat coach?
How much should I eat?
What’s my Marcos???

As a coach I get these questions every-time I start with a new client or athlete.  Nutritional Dogma has inundated the population with fad diets or tips and tricks to lean out in 12 days etc… everything from paleo, grapefruit diet, low fat diet, meat diet, vegetarian etc… people don’t really know how to approach their nutrition even though we all know what we “shouldn’t” do…

Well here at the MTN LAB we don’t hand out “macros” or “24 days challenges”, our approach first starts with educating our clients to sustain long term results through the BASIC LIFESTYLE GUIDELINES (BLGs)

Folks can typically be “unconscious” around their daily habits, energy levels, stress levels and FOOD HYGIENE. Not sayin it’s right or wrong ...but gaining “consciousness” does help in taking ownership towards actions that support your goals and priorities.

Today let’s expand on ONE of the BLGs: FOOD HYGIENE …

this is one of the most important pieces when wanting to improve your nutrition. You can have someone set up your Macro split all you want, but if you're not digesting and assimilating the food you are eating, then your Marcos don’t really matter.

Few focus areas I have my clients work on first:

1. Before a meal, sit down and be present, take few deep breaths and smell your food.

2. CHEW your food well… 20-30 bites per mouthful enhances digestion and reduces stress on the nervous system.

3. Choose food and an environment that doesn’t add anxiety around meal time. For example; driving to work and cramming coffee and muffin down at the red-light. The more stressed you are when eating, the less your gut will be able to digest and absorb the nutrients you need to fuel the body.

Try implementing this practice around your meals time and see how your energy and GUT feels after a week!

By: Coach Robin Lyons