Expand Self Awareness.

Set Intention.

Form a plan.

What we coach


Movement is essential for human beings, we a redesigned to move. Choosing movement is your life starts with first, what you like to do and then what you are prepared to do to optimize performance and longevity.


Food is medicine. What we consume directly impacts how we feel and perform. Without proper nourishment our ability to recover, perform and sustain health becomes more challenging and less likely. We investigate daily rhythm , hydration and food quality as pillars to optimal nutrition.


Living a lifestyle that aligns with how you want to show up takes practice and understanding of your current priorities , environment and behaviors.  We work with each client based on their personal readiness and willingness to transform their lifestyle.

Remote Coaching Programs

Whether you’re a seasonal competitive athlete or just need a jump start, this program will allow you to train when you want, where you want, and still get the proven results MTN LAB training is known for.

Fully Comprehensive Assessments
Full Access to Your Coach Daily
Ongoing Consultations Bi-Weekly
Fully Personalized Fitness Program
Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching

Basic Coaching Package: $150

  • Digital Onboarding & Movement Screen
  • Monthly Customized Program
  • Check-in and Feedback 1 x week through True coach
  • Minimum 3 month Commitment
  • Personal Consults not included 

Select Coaching Package: $250

  • Onboarding $95 – for consult, assess, initial design
  • Meet your coach 45min consult
  • Movement Screen / Assessment
  • Follow up RX outline
  • Weekly Feedback (end of training week)
  • Limited Communication via TC + email only
  • One 30min monthly follow up call with your coach monthly
  • 2 program changes per month
  • 3-6-12month options

Total Coaching Package: $300

  • Onboarding $195 – LIVE assessment, consult and initial design
  • Meet your coach 60min consult
  • LIVE Movement Screen up to 45min
  • Weekly Personalized program
  • 24hr Personalized Feedback including questions
  • Weekly Design adjustments as needed
  • Unlimited Communication with Coach via, APP, phone + email
  • Bi- Monthly program check in via Email
  • 30min follow up call monthly
  • 3-6-12 monthly options

"This process started with seeking a coach who I could trust for programming as an athlete. Working with Coach Lyons, it has evolved into continuing to develop myself as a person in all aspects of my life. I love the process and realizing we will always have something to work on, especially building my abilities to help myself."

– Alexander Valagja, Gym Owner & Head Coach

MTN LAB believes fitness programs are most effective when the individual human factors are considered in the overall progression of the training plan. An organized fitness progression includes the following components; frequency, duration, volume, intensity and exercise selection. The human factor also influences the above training components relative to training age, biological age, stress management, time, and nutrition.

The truth is … It’s almost impossible to deliver a safe and effective program that is designed to be sold to the masses due to the lack of individual considerations. This leaves the client with having to modify or scale exercises and even cut out sections of a program in attempts to complete a generic prescription. Some folks may find success with preplanned templates, but I have found overtime those plans limit individual physical potential.

The value of having a professional coach is to attain a systematic approach to YOUR training based on where you sit in current lifestyle and overall fitness level…basically meeting you where YOU are at. MTN LAB doesn’t try and fit you into a generic fitness plan…we construct a personalized training plan that aligns with your goals and readiness to start a fitness regimen.

MTN LAB coaches’ value being of service while providing support and guidance to those individuals who value the “why” behind their training and prioritize a systematic approach to improving performance, health and wellbeing.